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What is Color Me Mine?
Color Me Mine is a paint-it-yourself pottery studio. We have hundreds of pieces of pottery waiting to be painted. You paint it, leave it with us and we glaze and fire it and you get it back in 7 days. Whether you are 5, 25, 55 or 105, we can help bring out the artist in you!

Do I have to be an artist to paint my own pottery? I can't draw a straight line!
No! We have stencils and rubber stamps for the artistically-impaired. We also have a design computer with thousands of designs that you can transfer on to your pieces and paint-by-numbers, and a friendly, helpful staff to teach you new techniques.

What can I paint?
We have a large variety of pieces to paint. Mugs, banks, plates, platters, figurines, tissue boxes, vases, picture frames, outlet cover, switch plates, cookie jars, napkin holders, and a myriad of other pieces. bowls in lots of useful sizes and shapes. Stop in and check out our ever changing inventory.

Can I use this stuff?
Yes! All our paints are non-toxic, lead free and food-safe. Children and pregnant women are perfectly safe painting in our studio since we do not use any toxic materials of any kind in our studio. Your finished piece will be dishwasher safe as well, but some keepsake items you may want to take special care of.

How much does it cost?
Piece prices range from about $12 to $75, with lots in between. Our studio fee is a flat rate of $9 for adults and $6 for kids under 13. Most ceramic items in the studio are under $35 dollars. We do have some rather large items that are a little more expensive. So, say you pick a piece of pottery for $16 and an adult paints it. It will cost $25.00 plus tax. That's it! No hidden fees! Please note that we add a 15% gratuity for groups of 6 or more painters.
Also check our monthly events section for daily specials that lower your piece price or studio fee!

Can I bring my friends, co-workers, pets?
Of course! The more the merrier. We don't take reservations unless you want to book a party. Pets can become a little overactive in the studio, so we suggest calling ahead and making an appointment with a sales associate if you want to bring Fido in for Paw Prints on a Plate! P.S. We love animals!

What can kids do at Color Me Mine?
We can amuse children of all ages, including infants! You can paint your baby's feet, or your children's hands on a platter or a coffee mug. Even the youngest child likes to play with brushes, sponges and paints. Finger painting on pieces (but not on employees) is allowed and encouraged. The paints rinse off the kids and their clothes with water. Don't forget, little pre-schoolers love to make presents for Mom, Dad, and Grandparents. Even a handprint with a "I Love You" is a keepsake item!

Do you plan birthday and other parties?
We specialize in birthday parties. Check out our party page on this web site. Also, we cater to all kinds of other parties such as Ladies Night Out, Bridal, Team Builders and Sales Functions.

How long do I have to wait to get my stuff?
Typical turn around time is 7 days.

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